You Are Never Too Far From the Rise or Setting of the Sun

In retrospect, I was never quite satisfied with my existence. I always craved change—differences in the seemingly mundane. At times, I was unsure of said alterations’ natures and origins. I assumed transformation required an external catalyst. It wasn’t until recently that I realized progress begins within. There is infinite power which follows the understanding ofContinue reading “You Are Never Too Far From the Rise or Setting of the Sun”

new stardust

garden when i am away from him, my claw-marked burdens suffocate me deeply with no remorse or pardon. when we meet again, he gently soothes them to silence and sings me lullabies within my garden. new stardust my routines have been shaken. i am willingly living unrehearsed. changing right before my open eyes, i writeContinue reading “new stardust”

Ending: March 3rd, 2020

Sometimes, loves are short lived. A spark is ignited as quickly as it goes out. Other times, love burns so agonizingly slow, prolonging until the very last ash has blown away. The story will write itself until each party has absolutely nothing left to give. You go along your separate paths, but keep the memoriesContinue reading “Ending: March 3rd, 2020”

What Does My Best Life Look Like?

I am writing this on a bench at the river walk. I intended my visit to be for journaling and reading poetry. I realized I forgot a writing utensil. Luckily, there was a green crayon, perfectly perched upon a rock. Serendipity. Today, I have taken great care of myself. I can feel a plethora ofContinue reading “What Does My Best Life Look Like?”

Glitter in the Day: Part One

It is too easy to overlook the seemingly insignificant treasures of the day. Every once in a while, I enjoy taking a moment to seek out these hidden gems. Try it, make a list. You might happen upon some magic in any ordinary moment. July 20, 2020 Within My Four Walls Constantly replaying a newContinue reading “Glitter in the Day: Part One”

Resplendence, Alas: September’s Collection of Poetry

Black-Eyed Susan She was my childhood best friend. Adjacent each other, we would grow. From church affairs, or in her basement, to the Abby and Abby Show. . We looked out for one another, like when we tried out for track. I was the one who went back for her when she had a breathContinue reading “Resplendence, Alas: September’s Collection of Poetry”

The 2020 Election: What Every Constituent Should Know About Voting This November

With the general election occurring in less than a month, I cannot help but to entertain a few concerns of mine. I am worried for the potential voter turnout among my generation. I am aware that my age group is one of many conspiracy theorists. With all sorts of crazy information circulating, I believe aContinue reading “The 2020 Election: What Every Constituent Should Know About Voting This November”

Outbreak: A Short Story

“Check their vitals,” you hear a panicked voice demand. Your eyes slowly blink open to reveal a white, tiled ceiling. You are tranquil for a moment. You feel yourself floating in the air, as you were in the ocean on your family beach trip in 2008. Suddenly, you are thrown back into your body. AContinue reading “Outbreak: A Short Story”

The Sunday of Summer: August’s Collection of Poetry

Dance in the Sun Talking with Brandy while drinking wine Painting the town to pass the time Distracting ourselves because we can’t be alone Closing the chapter of your childhood home . Fourteen full years of growth and some pain Hand in hand when standing in rain Slaying our demons, deciphering first loves Still findingContinue reading “The Sunday of Summer: August’s Collection of Poetry”

Progress Amongst a Pandemic: What I Learned from COVID-19

In early March of 2020, I was a full-time student at Virginia Tech. Like any average college attendee, I constantly struggled to find a balance between academics and social life. Accompanying this, I was embarking on a difficult period in my life; relationships were falling apart and my seasonal depression was at its yearly peak.Continue reading “Progress Amongst a Pandemic: What I Learned from COVID-19”