about the author

My name is Abigale Darnell, aged 21 years. I have been writing since I was a little girl. I aspire to be a courageously honest, curious, and relatable writer.

Writing gives me purpose; it is essential to my well-being. I love seeing my jumbled thoughts and ideas flow in the order of an organized peace. When I open my mind to creating, the fragments fall into place in accordance with my desired harmony. I am unsure of many things, but I know that my life must entail writing, or there is nothing else for me.

“Starting the project, even if you’re just making notes, flips the brain into a kind of open mode, where everything seems to have relevance to your project. When you’re in open mode, work happens even when you’re not actively “working”—indeed, all evidence suggests that you do your best work when you’re not trying. Maybe you’ve experienced this while working on a problem—you drive yourself nuts over it, finally give up, and then have your epiphany while playing a video game. In many ways the unconscious mind is smarter, and more creative, than the conscious one.”

Personal Data: Notes on Keeping a Notebook, Elisa Gabbert

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